Warm Up Oil

An Invitation to Pleasure

This skincare prepares your skin to receive any care with a warming scent and texture, highly-concentrated in Citrus Aurantium. This oil contains more than 50% esters, an aromatic molecule with remarkable powers of relaxation and regeneration. A secret to get radiant skin...

Personalized Oil

Intensify Your Pleasure

This 'all-in-one', personalized elixir addresses your skin’s specific needs in a targeted fashion, based on your skin’s condition, the season, the environment or simply however as you wish. Complete the diagnosis and enjoy the benefits of increased effectiveness..

The Entire Line
Face & Body

Vary Your Pleasure

The Natacha Hatfield line is an ideal complement of 'all-in-one' oils for all your beauty routines. Take advantage of the strength of essential and vegetable oils for all of your face and body care needs. Discover our products for a complete cosmetic experience...

100% organic

Essential and Vegetable Oils

Organic ingredients free from parabens, PEG, phenoxyethanol, silicones, phthalates, glycol ethers and paraffins.
A complete line of personalized oils.

Exquisite Perfumes

Inebriating aromas that stimulate cell vibration and delicately harmonize the skin tissue on your face.

Voluptuous Textures

Non-greasy silky oils absorbed directly into your skin that let it breathe and provide it with vital nourishment.

Powerful Actives

Skin cares that are ultra-concentrated in essential oils, including Citrus Aurantium, known for its relaxing and regenerative properties.

In-room treatments

We take care of you

Get exceptional care and enjoy the softness of our oils in the world’s most beautiful hotels with our beauticians.

“It’s my desire to provide beauty and radiance to all ages. It’s my conviction to do so using the power of nature!”

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