Brighten your beauty routine and enjoy the benefits of natural products everyday. Your friends will want to know your secret!

Every morning

Take care of your face

Boost your senses with a touch of freshness by spraying your face with a fine mist of Aromatic Water then gently rub your entire face using a soft cotton. Place a few drops of your Warm Up Oil or your Huile Sur-Mesure in the palm of your hand and gently massage your face and neck with your fingertips. You will smell the addictive fragrance and feel the powerful actives specifically formulated to intensify a truly enjoyable sensation that will magnify you.

Take care of your body

Give your body extreme comfort for the entire day by hydrating it and perfuming it delicately with Total Body Oil after your shower. Simply apply this treatment all over your body and stimulate the driest areas. You are ready for a great day!

Every night

Take care of your face

Before falling into the land of slumber, remove your makeup from your eyes and face with cotton soaked in Aromatic Water and a few drops of Warm Up Oil or Huile Sur-Mesure. The remove all the impurities with a cotton ball soaked in only Aromatic Water. For soap addicts (like me!) you can use it between these two phases (it must be very gentle...).Place a few drops of your Warm Up Oil or yourHuile Sur-Mesure in the palm of your hand and gently massage your face with your fingers. Its delicious fragrance will comfort you and blanket you for a wonderful night’s rest.

1 to 2 times per week

Take care of your face

Brighten your shine with this exquisite ritual...First, return your skin to its original softness by gently massaging your Velvet Peel

into it with your fingertips. Then nourish your skin deeply by applying your Silky Mask for 10 minutes. Remove the excess with soft cotton without rinsing. Gently massage your face for two minutes.

Take care of your body

Escape to extreme well being in a ritual nirvana....Make your skin as smooth as a pebble by scrubbing every part of your body with a loofah scrub glove. Then apply a few drops of your Total Body Oil and rub it into your entire body and plunge into a hot bath.The aromas will carry you away, you will become deeply relaxed and your skin will be infinitely soft..

As You Desire

Brighten your face

Brighten your complexion or spice up your evenings with your beautifully iridescent Quicky Glow. Just apply a few drops to your will be exalted by its sparkling scent and our face’s shine will be visibly boosted.

To boost your shine, eat healthy and be active!

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