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Estheticians Wanted: London, New York, Paris & Brussels

A new job in the world’s most beautiful hotels!Given the success of the ‘Spa Minute’, our in-room care treatment service for hotels without spas, we need to expand our team of estheticians in London, New York, Paris and Brussels.This service is already operational in many hotels inEurope and the USA such as the Langham in London, the Mercer in NYC and l’Hôtel Amigo-Rocco Fortein Brussels, etc. Whenever there is a request from an individual or a hotel, we will contact you between Monday through Sunday from 8:00am to 8:00pm. If you are seeking new or additional work, we encourage you to apply and you will be contacted within 24h for an interview. You will get regular training from the company and you will receive a commission for your services and any products you sell.

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